Calypso Collection

This jewelry collection, characterized by a distinct hammered textured, is a nod to one of the most beloved and vibrant Caribbean art forms--Calypso music! Known for its signature sounds of traditional folk string instruments such as the banjo and guitar, and percussion instruments such as the “steelpan” (or “steel drum”), when you think of the Caribbean, you undoubtedly think of the highly rhythmic tunes of Calypso music. (Steelpans played by “pannists” in a steel band are made using 55 gallon industrial oil drums (or pans) turned upside down and pounded into a bowl shape. Hammers are then used to further shape and create indented surfaces that resonate to make distinct sounds.)

Despite its jovial tune and hip-swaying rhythm, calypso music (an Afro-Caribbean style of music originated in Trinidad and Tobago during the early to mid-19th century after the French arrived with slaves during the French Revolution) has been frequently used as a form of political protest in the Caribbean. Through penned lyrics, calypsonnians would challenge local politicians demanding that they address social justice issues such as racial segregation, corruption, and economic disparities among people groups within the community.